Monday, May 05, 2008

Fight-back farmer kills midnight attacker

Foreigners chancing upon sites like this, reading about these horrific attacks must think that these are isolated incidents and 'crime happens everywhere'.

No it does not, not crime like this.

Not with the brutality and frequency as in South Africa.

Twenty thousand murders a year, 50 per day, in a country described as the most violent outside of a war zone and a murder rate TEN TIMES that of the US.

This is not 'just crime', it is the result of years of inaction by the ANC gubbermunt and deliberate policies aimed at disintegrating a once proud police force into what can only be described as a police farce.

These are the consequences of the ANC campaign to vilify the White population. These are hate crimes, pure and simple.

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A 54-year-old Richmond farmer, despite stab wounds in his back, shot both his attackers and killed one of them in his bedroom on Wednesday night.

Grant Warren,speaking to The Natal Mercury from his hospital bed on Thursday, said he had had an "horrific" experience.

He said he went outside with his weapon at about 10pm on Wednesday when his dog began barking but saw nothing and went back into the house.

"My wife Muffy and I were packing - we were going away for the weekend," he said.

About midnight, while they were watching TV, shots were fired through his bedroom window and two men entered.

"I rolled over to get my weapon from the bedside table and fell on the floor. Both men jumped on me. One held me down while the other stabbed me," he said.

Warren freed his hand and shot one of the men, who then left. He then shot the other man two or three times. Wounded, the man wrestled with Warren and bit his arm.

"I was getting weaker and weaker. My wife hit him on the head with the bedside lamp. I then hit him on the head with my gun," said Warren.

At some stage, one of the men also kicked and assaulted his wife.

Warren said the attackers had cut through an electric fence to get on to his premises.

In the past four months his office, which is in the house, and factory had been broken into four times.

Police Superintendent Henry Budhram said the motive for the attack was being investigated.

He said police had found the body in Warren's bedroom.

"There were bloodstains on the walls and floor... the large window was smashed open and a knife was also found near the deceased," Budhram said.

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