Saturday, May 24, 2008

Failure of liberal politics

The left-wing New York Times and many other like-minded leftist group-think papers led the case against apartheid South Africa with fervour.

It endorsed the ANC’s case, a terrorist organisation, and hailed its appointment as the new black-majority government in 1994.

Then smugly, victorious in its objective, it went home, leaving their pet project, their love child unsupervised, allowed to do whatever it wanted, given free reign, to become spoilt and indulged.

Reverse racism? Not an issue. Crime, corruption, nepotism on a gargantuan scale? Ignored.

What the world is witnessing in South Africa in 2008 is the doing of the liberal press, that failed to contain their pet project by enforcing, holding it accountable and expecting the same standards as they would from their own governments.

Having forced the Marxist terrorist entity that is the ANC on the people of South Africa, the left-wing news outlets like the New York Times are as culpable for the mayhem in South Africa as the people committing the violence.

I dare anyone to find me an article anywhere that states that since 1994, 280 000 people have been murdered in South Africa. Don’t bother, you won’t find it.

And like any good liberal, whose grand delusional plans of an egalitarian paradise at the foot of Africa have gone awry, they will slink away quietly, letting others clean up after them, absolving themselves of their responsibility in the creation of yet another third-world autocratic government.

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