Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eskom says “forging ahead with recruitment plan”

Who’s telling the truth?

Eskom says ‘yay’, Solidarity says ‘nay’.

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Power utility Eskom says it is succeeding in getting South Africans to return from abroad to work on new electricity generation projects.

Eskom official Ayanda Noah says the recruitment drive is being conducted in the United States and Britain.

She told a parliamentary hearing that Eskom needs to recruit more than 3 000 skilled people to work on its R300-billion expansion programme.


Last week, the largest independent trade union in South Africa, Solidarity, expressed concern over Eskom’s skills shortage, saying it could have an impact on its expansion plans. The union’s Dirk Herman said a study among its members, who are in technical and junior management positions, revealed that 72% are considering leaving the company.

Trade union Solidarity says 346 technical staff and engineers have left Eskom in the last year.

Speaking ahead of the union’s presentation to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa it said South Africa simply doesn’t have the skills necessary for Eskom’s planned expansion.

Nersa is holding public hearings in Pretoria on the power giant's proposed 53% tariff hike.

The union’s Dirk Hermann says Eskom will need to look outside South Africa for the necessary skills.

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