Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eskom: No more power cuts?


For months we've been told that it was insufficient production capacity that triggered the blackouts.

That is, Eskom simply had not planned for the future and built enough power generation units to supply the country.

The gubbermunt even admitted it.

It was blamed on a lack of insufficient foreward planning but also because the economy was being run so efficiently that the "rampant growth" was sucking up too much energy.

Mbeggi then contradicted this statement, finding it necessary to apologise to the nation that the actual reason was a lack of planning by his sorry troupe of gubbermunt munistas.

Now we get more news, eish, eh soiree, all a big misunderstanding, the power cuts were part of a 'plan to save energy'. That's right, those nights you've sat in the dark was part of a 'plan'. Your gubbermunt working for you.

Who is telling lies here?

In the 'new' South Africa', seeing is believing and with winter on the way, the gubbermunt wants to ward off what is sure to be hell unleashed on their asses by the people, when all those heaters get turned on (then shut down) making an already bad situation even worse.

Hell will freeze over before I believe a word from the ANC gubbermunt and the Eskom clowns.

Question: Can someone tell the difference between 'load shedding' and 'rolling power cuts'?

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South Africa's troubled power utility Eskom announced on Wednesday it was to indefinitely suspend its controversial programme of power cuts.

"We have said from the beginning that load shedding is not our preferred option to achieve the 10 percent savings the nation needs," Eskom's chief executive Jacob Maroga told the SAPA news agency.

"Recent savings, particularly from industry, have shown that it should be possible to achieve this objective sustainably through a concerted and committed effort by all of us... and we hope that the 10 percent target will be met so that it will not be necessary to reinstate scheduled load shedding."

South Africa has been suffering daily power cuts since the start of the year with Eskom failing to meet rising demand. South Africa's economic capital Johannesburg is particularly badly hit.

Eskom earlier announced that it did not plan any blackouts this week as South Africa celebrates three bank holidays but it had been expected that the programme of rolling power cuts would resume next week.

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