Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elderly woman killed at home

88 years old! What threat could she have been to the thieves?!

South Africa: Where burglaries will get you raped and/or killed 9 out of 10 times…

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The body of an 88-year-old woman was found in her Winkelspruit home, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Wednesday.

Superintendent Daniela Veldhuizen said that Delia Graham's son found her body when he returned home from work on Tuesday.

"When the son came home from work he found her body on the passage floor. Her hands had been tied up," said Veldhuizen.

Witnesses told police they spotted two men in a white car talking to her.

Graham was alone at home at the time of the incident.

It is believed that she was strangled, said Veldhuizen. There were no signs of her being raped.

Veldhuizen said that several household goods were taken.

The provincial house robbery unit was investigating.

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