Friday, May 30, 2008

'Cops escorted dope smugglers'

The thin blue line between criminals and the police is becoming very blurry. In fact, is there a line at all nowadays?

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Four police inspectors of the Ficksburg crime prevention unit were arrested on Thursday for allegedly providing safe escort for dagga smugglers through the Free State, police said.

Superintendent Motantsi Makhele said the four were arrested in an operation to eradicate and "cure" corruption in police ranks, which was launched last year.

"Information gathered during this operation revealed that these members were involved in the practice of escorting some of the vehicles transporting dagga through the province, so as to protect them from being arrested, in return for payment."

Makhele said the four inspectors were expected to appear in the Ficksburg Magistrate's Court on Friday, May 30, facing charges of corruption, defeating the ends of justice, and illegally dealing in dagga.

Two women and a man were also arrested in Klerksdorp while 26 bags of dagga and a minibus were confiscated during a transaction involving an undercover agent.

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