Thursday, May 29, 2008

Commies ‘heppy’ about Scorpions

As the next load of passengers prepare to board the soon-to-be gravy train, the Zooma Express, the annoyance of dealing with an efficient anti-corruption police unit does so cramp ones' style.

Seeing the ANC ‘untouchables’ getting whacked was unnerving so it was agreed, by unanimous decision - by the axis of evil - that it was best for all concerned that the Scorpions 'just go away'.

Now all they have to worry about are the buffoons that constitute the majority of SAPS ‘detectives’ (who are already in their back pockets anyway) so everybody is in for very ‘heppy’ days ahead indeed.

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SACP happy about Scorpions decision.

The SACP welcomed the ruling by the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday that it did not have the jurisdiction to hear an application to prevent the disbanding of the Scorpions.

The court struck from the roll the application by Johannesburg businessman Hugh Glenister to prevent government from disbanding the crime-fighting unit.

Judge Willie van der Merwe said in a written judgment that the court did not have the jurisdiction to decide on the matter.

"The ruling is indeed a further reaffirmation of the principle of separation of powers and it should be a lesson that our courts should not be abused by the reactionary forces to prevent other institutions of our democratic dispensation from executing their responsibilities," the SACP said in a statement.

"This court case could best be explained as nothing else but a side show aimed at derailing us from the mammoth task of the transformation of our criminal justice system and strengthening our capacity to fight crime."

The focus should be on the establishment of a new crime busting unit to be created within police, the SACP said.

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