Sunday, May 25, 2008

ANC bulldozes Durban's street-renaming

This is the ANC's version of 'inclusive' democracy.

It's the ANC way or the high way.

The ANC waxes lyrical about openness, transparency and transformation for the good of the country but what it is actually saying is "what's good for the ANC comrades".

'Transformation' is for others. Do as I say, not as I do.

They know naming a street after a terrorist is insensitive to the victims but then, the ANC being an evil entity does not give a hoot about others.

South Africa is its plaything.
This is the politics of polarisation and why the country is going wrong.

The ANC is hell-bent on antagonising everyone. They will rail-road genuine objections to suit their fanciful revisionist history agenda to the exclusion of all else.

What we have witnessed with the renaming process of thousands of places, streets and sites over the years is the ANC bully at work and the rest of us be damned.

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Durban's street-renaming process was bulldozed through council on Thursday with the African National Congress members of the eThekwini Executive Committee approving 101 changes in spite of a walk-out by all opposition parties.

After more than 30 minutes of ferocious debate, the Democratic Alliance, Inkatha Freedom Party and Minority Front staged a walk-out on the grounds that they felt the process was flawed and that there was a need for the process to be deferred.

However, DA councillor Colin Gaillard then walked back into the meeting to the amazement of the ANC but only because he had forgotten his bag.

One of the ANC councillors then asked in jest if he had a bomb in the bag to which Gaillard replied: No, I'm not Andrew Zondo.?

Andrew Zondo was a member of Umkhonto We Sizwe and was involved in the bombing of Sanlam Centre shopping mall in Amanzimtoti in December, 1985 in which five people were killed. He was subsequently hanged. There has been widespread protest from Amazimtoti residents and Zondo's family over the ANC's decision to name Kingsway Road in Amanzimtoti after Zondo.

In defence of Zondo, council Chief Whip Fawzia Peer said: Zondo might have killed a few people in that bomb but what about the thousands of people who lost their lives in the struggle.

Other street name changes which will now almost certainly go through include changing Higginson Highway to Yasser Arafat and Mangosuthu Highway to Griffiths Mxenge. (WHAT, in all that is holy, has 'YASSER ARAFAT' got to do with South Africa?!!!)

IFP exco member Gladwin Ndlela registered his disappointment that despite ongoing bi-lateral meetings, objections to proposals and suggestions none of the IFP proposals were included in the final draft of 101 names.

He said the IFP had submitted a list of names with detailed motivation but there was no reply.

DA leader John Steenhuisen said there had been no acknowledgement from the ANC to their objections and submissions.

There was a proposal for the committee to go through the 101 proposals name by name but Steenhuisen said there was no point in this if the ANC was going to shove the process through anyway.

The ANC yesterday agreed that the street name changes would now go to full council on Wednesday for final approval.

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