Monday, April 28, 2008

Racism alive in South Africa

Ok, ok, I saw the title above roll across the Newsreel today and thought, bah, same old same old.

But I was tempted to see whether this liberal-of-most-liberal uber crappy ‘news service’ could be objective for once and tell it like it is.

After all, it has been 14 years and things must have changed, right?. They’ve been spewing the same old anti-White shite for years and I thought, maybe it's my lucky day, let’s have a peek.

Well, the first clue should have been the author's name, a Mohammed Allie (had to, not related to the boxer), obviously non-white and sticking to the well-worn mantra. Blame the Whiteys. The Whiteys are at fault. The Whiteys cannot accept change, blah, blah.

Sending in old Allie to comment on racism is akin to asking Exxon-Mobil if there is still oil in Alaska. A fait accompli.

He mentions two incidents: the fellow who quite rightly chooses whom he will allow on to his property and the UFS pissing video. Hmm, one wonders, where’s the mention of the Black Journos Forum meeting for blacks only’? Where’s the mention of affirmative action and BEE which is the purest form of racism? Nope. Not our Allie. It is Whitey’s fault. Whitey refuses to 'transform'.

If you can stand to read his crap, click on the title above. I'm going to find a bucket.

Truth 0: BBC Bias Against Whites 1

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